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If you are a ponies lover and you desperately look for a place to share your passion, or if you are a pony rider and you want to enable the other riders to benefit from your experience, or if ypu simply love ponies, this blog is the best place for you ! We talk about ponies in all of its aspects : nutrition, health, breeds, special disciplines... you will learn everything about ponies, your favourite animal. Welcome to our blog, we love ponies for life !

Ponies blog

As ponies and horse riding lovers, we wanted to create a blog just like us, entirely dedicated to the world of ponies. You will find an advice section : benefit from many tips and tricks to take care of your pony daily, and discover our hacks to improve his life condition. You will also find each week a theme video : what to do in case of veterinary problem, questions about pony's nutrition or ideas to work with him, we talk about all kind of issues. And because mutual aid is the best way to improve your way of riding, discover our brand new forum : you will have the possibility to chat online with millions of other ponies lovers, and share your experiences and give your advice to the community. Meet horse riders worldwide, trade your favourite ponies pictures, and find some friends forever.


The world of horses is constantly changing, so it may be difficult to follow. That is why we keep you informed about the latest equestrian news : find the results of all the international competitions, and the latest innovations about equestrian equipment. We also offer you to follow the agenda of the competitions near your location : you just have to turn on geolocation on your smartphone or your computer, and find all the information about the next competitions in your region.

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