Finding the right adapted saddle to your horses needs

Main element of the riding equipment, the saddle is an equipment that must be chosen and used correctly. Here are some tips to choose a saddle adapted to your needs according to your budget and your horse. Besides, equitack saddles are the most likely to meet a wide need.

Buying a saddle, the budget

The budget that can be put there is, of course, the first and most important constraint to be taken into account. A first price saddle costs around 100 €, a saddle of big brand costs several thousands of euros. Of course we find between these two extremes a whole range of saddles of more or less good quality.

The type of saddle

Once the budget is established, it is necessary to choose the saddle first according to the discipline practiced. The most commonly purchased saddles are mixed saddles, allowing the practice of most equestrian disciplines. Obstacle, endurance, TREC, western, riding, dressage, pony, each discipline has a particular type of saddle favoring its practice, especially at a high level.

A saddle adapted to the rider

Once the saddle model is selected, find the one that best suits you and your horse. For the size of the seat and its shape it is necessary to try the saddle, and to try it in real conditions. No question to put the buttocks on horseback on a trestle in the horse show! Refuse all net purchase without possibility of trial.

And especially to his horse

Even more important for the owner riders it is necessary to try the saddle to his horse. Even with the rider's weight on it should not touch the tourniquet or spine, should not crush the top of the shoulders on the sides of the withers, be short enough not to touch the kidney behind the back and its inclination should allow not to put all the weight on the tourniquet in front of or on the back of the back.

Thus, to ensure a pleasant riding experience and ensure the comfort of the horse, take into consideration your practice preferences and your morphology.


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