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Saddle is the hub between the rider and the horse. In various disciplines of equestrian sport, they are used to better control the horse or to cushion the jumps. A good saddle must be comfortable for the horse and rider, high quality and not too expensive.

Used saddles on equitack

The worn paint, seams erased by stress, scratches or visible condition of use, abrasions on the leather, and others are a good quality of the saddle. These are good prerequisites, because that's what our customers expect from us. Therefore, we will examine your bowel before taking care of it. To make a first impression, you can send us a photo of your saddle by email. Or you will immediately go to our workshop. In a commission contract, we regulate the terms of sale with you. For example, we allow ourselves to take a 15% commission when we sell your saddle. If we do not sell your saddle within one year, the contract ends. Of course, we try to transmit your worn saddle to make another rider and his horse happy and satisfied!

Warranty for used goods

We have a wide range of used saddles on the shelves, and used saddles for sale is an economically viable alternative to new saddles. Of course, we are already convinced of their quality and perfect condition. The warranty for used goods is 12 months. This does not apply, however, to normal age and wear-related defects of associated materials. No riding saddle model has the reputation of being the legendary military saddle. While the horses are adaptable and relatively lightweight, it offers riders an anatomically correct seat and the ability to carry a lot of luggage. It is therefore not surprising that the military grade saddle originally used for military purposes is now a coveted equipment for long-distance journeys.

Many well-preserved military saddles prove that careful handling and proper care greatly contribute to value and functional integrity.


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