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If you plan to change your saddle in the next few days, you will have to be careful about the new saddle you plan to buy. Indeed you must first think about the faults that your current saddle has. Was the seat comfortable? Was the leg position correct with this saddle, was my horse embarrassed? All these questions are worth asking because it will be a basis for knowing which type of saddle you want to orient yourself to. If you have always bought a mixed type English saddle and you have not changed discipline along the way, that is to say if you are still addicted to show jumping, flat or hiking, you must keep a mixed saddle model. Now, you have to compare the advantages offered by the mixed saddles of other known saddler brands, to precisely try to compensate for your faults with a saddle which tends to erase them or to mitigate them. In this case it is important to take the advice of your riding instructor who is very knowledgeable in horse equipment, but you can also ask your friends from the equestrian center who have their own saddle for advice. Since they all necessarily have a different type of saddle, they can guide you without problem on the reliability or not of a specific brand or model of saddle, on the faults that this saddle gives or on the discomforts that 'it will have, but also all the advantages that their saddle brings. After that it is time to take the plunge and the ideal would be to make a request for test directly in your equestrian store. Indeed in exchange for a deposit check, you can leave with one of the used saddles for sale to try it on your horse and also to test it directly in the quarry.